Russell Moore and his critics

The article below, which I re-blogged from a website full of substantive thoughts, seems to have taken the author about five minutes to compose and about that much time in contemplation beforehand.


I am weary of being told that because I am concerned about the financial poverty of American citizens and communities; the massive political deception and wasteful spending of time and our money (such as the “climate change” hoax); the increase of human violence and false judgments of our fellow man (a.k.a. Gossip); as well as the silencing and criminalizing of free thought (rude, mean public “discourse” that is all emotion and no facts); that this has anything AT ALL to do with “trusting princes” or rejecting the Gospel, or Jesus Christ, as the source of all legitimate transformation.
I am so tired of these absurd accusations of Christians who, like Daniel and his three friends, are highly informed participants, and possibly serving in, government leadership (unlike Russell Moore).


President-Elect Trump never bragged about adultery during the campaign, and all of his expressions of concern are twisted by dozens of judgmental unchristian people who have never personally met him. These same folks are blindly trusted by Christians. I have to wonder how many other issues and opinions are accepted from the secular mainstream media. Most “Christians” have not been separating themselves from the culture in education, charity, marriage and divorce, the arts (we adopt their styles and market church their way, as just another form of entertainment), and so forth. We have especially deferred to Hollywood and the elites, rather than to Christ.


All of a sudden we are concerned about a man of influence who, according to the mainstream media and non-working ideologues, lacks character? Let’s ignore why he chose to run (to serve his country and his fellow citizens). Let’s ignore the strength of mind and heart it takes to lead a global business, and the diligence to complete tasks; a man who works, and doesn’t just think about it or talk about it. Instead of praying for Trump and his VP Mike Pence, a man of God who is very clearly supportive of all life including life in the womb, his team is rejected and treated differently than all other leaders before him, including George W. Bush (who supported the growth of government power and the reduction of independence).


These qualities of honesty and hard work fall in line with the founding of our nation and the sources of our prosperity, which enables us to voluntarily aid those who are less fortunate. Trump has personally donated his time and resources many times, in addition to providing vast employment. I don’t have space here to describe how many U.S. Christians support the current fashion of rejecting Israel, the nation chosen by God to bless the world. Do they care that Trump and Ben Netanyahu are good friends? Trump has also befriended and surrounded himself with several representatives of Christ, including Gov. Mike Huckabee, fellow New Yorker Eric Metaxas, and Dr. Ben Carson. My vote had a lot to do with my hope about their godly influence (which would have been cast aside by the alternative administration), though even genuine Christians are not as effective and infallible as Jesus Christ in our lives.


I voted for Trump, not because he was “less evil” but because I believe in the goodness of FREEDOM. That is what the Gospel is all about. Anything that resembles the truth of the Gospel, though it is not in itself the Gospel, is okay with me. Jesus Christ left the safety and community of the Godhead to experience life with us, and he suffered abuse and rejection and a painful, unjust death to pay for our freedom.

Spiritual Friendship


I don’t often comment on politics, and when I do, I’m more likely to talk about the dangers that contemporary American politics pose for Christian witness than to engage in partisan debate.

The current situation in the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is a case in point.

Theologically, ERLC President Russell Moore is a straight-up-the line Southern Baptist. On the controversial issues within the denomination, he never wavers from the orthodox Southern Baptist answers. He’s an inerrantist, he affirms six day creation, and he’s a complementarian, to cite just a few examples.

Politically, he has firmly opposed abortion and same-sex marriage, playing a leading role in defending Christian ethics in the public square.

Recently, he’s gotten into hot water with a lot of Southern Baptists for his opposition to Donald Trump.

There is nothing that he has called Trump out for doing that Southern Baptists have not…

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